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With over 20 years industry experience, The Eyebrow Queen has established itself as Australia's leading salon for perfect brows; transforming the faces of models, actors and celebrities with their unique and personalised brow shaping techniques.


At The Eyebrow Queen, they know that eyebrows are as unique as your fingerprints – differing in formation, size and shape. They understand that there shouldn’t be a 'one size fits all' approach for creating the perfect brows. Eyebrow shaping is a delicate art form which should accentuate your natural features and promote symmetry and balance.


Largely considered as the non-surgical alternative to a face-lift, The Eyebrow Queen carefully exposes the natural brow bone while adopting a combination of waxing, plucking, trimming and tinting techniques. The Eyebrow Queen will transform your eyebrows into sleek and sexy works of art leaving you with a more glamorous and youthful appearance.


Praised by both women and men alike, The Eyebrow Queen has appeared in numerous articles and TV segments across Australia for their unparalleled expertise.


To make an appointment with The Eyebrow Queen, please contact the child-friendly salon. 

Brow Shape - $50

Brow Tint - $30

Brow Shape & Tint - $70 


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